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Black Cristal Panadi Earring

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Black Cristal diamond earrings are a unique and popular item found in jewelry stores across the world, but many people wonder if the gem is actually real. This unique gem, also known as Carbonado, is a pure carbon crystal. It is essentially a diamond in between its graphite and diamond stages of development. They do not sparkle like a regular diamond, and this is what makes jewelry such as black diamond earrings for men a popular choice. For women however, this gem is sometimes considered an unattractive choice for jewelry.


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    Jewellery Care: Protect it from getting in direct contact with perfumes, deodorants, sprays and sweat. Apply all lotions, make up, hair spray, etc first, before putting on your jewellery. To avoid scratches, store in a cloth pouch or in a zip pouch. Beware of applying harsh chemicals or ionic cleaners. Keep your jewellery dust and dirt free.

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